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    Setting selected property of checkbox

    Mark Forsberg
      I'm trying to set the selected property of a checkbox based on a value in a datagrid. This function is called by an itemClick event:

      <mx:DataGrid x="283" y="34" height="482" id="dg_drivers"
      dataProvider="{getMyDrivers}" itemClick="dg_drivers_ClickEvent(event);">

      The following loads my textboxes correctly, but will not set the selected property of the checkbox.

      private function dg_drivers_ClickEvent(event:ListEvent):void{
      pnl_modDriver.visible = true;
      tb_modLastName.text = event.currentTarget.selectedItem.LastName;
      tb_modFirstName.text = event.currentTarget.selectedItem.FirstName;
      cb_modActive.selected = event.currentTarget.selectedItem.cbActive;

      The alert shows true or false.

      I have also tried binding the checkbox's selected property:

      cb_modActive.selected = " {dg_drivers.selectedItem.cbActive}"

      Could someone point me in the right direction?

      Mark F.