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    Merge Clips and MultiCam: does Syncing by audio work at all?

    viva_la_zoom Level 1



      I just upgraded to Premiere CC and I'm a bit(very) dissapointed. One of the reasons why we upgraded was the possiblity to sync audio and video within Premiere. We use Plural eyes quite extensively but I'd love to be able to do everything within Premiere.

      However I've tried to Sync a few video clips (DSLR with Rode top mic) with a few audio clips (from audio recorder) and the result is always off. Sometimes by a few seconds, sometimes by less and sometimes Premiere wont even consider some of the clips......


      I've tried the syncing through the Multicam feature or through the 'merge clips' option to no avail......I mean, this is really bad from Adobe! how can it be so faulty? Is there something I'm missing?


      Back to Plural Eyes then.....