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    Presenter 8 Certificate


      I’m a Creative Cloud subscriber and also using Presenter 8 via the monthly subscription purchase option. I need to generate a certificate based on the date the embedded quiz is successfully completed and allow the user to add his or her name. Does Presenter 8 have this functionality?  I have seen certificate in the Presenter 8 "Interaction" link within the program, but they are barely editable.  Is this just beyond the capability of Presenter?


      (The only information I can find on the Adobe Content site is from 2009 and requires familiarity with Flash which I'm just learning.)


      Thank you.

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          Arpit Kapoor Adobe Employee

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            Mukul_Adobe Adobe Employee



            Certificate interaction provided in Presenter allows you to display the date at which the course is taken and also the learner's name.

            Learner is prompted to enter the name on the certificate.


            Let us know if something is not working for you? Or you are looking for something more.




            Adobe Presenter Engg. Team

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              Fray55 Level 1

              Thank you, Mukul; I have discovered how the certificates in Interactions may have the test taker's name added to it.  That's great. But I need to be able to modify the certificate template as in add a company logo and the course name before adding to my presentation.  Any ideas for doing that?

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                Fray55 Level 1

                My entire motive for subscribing to Presenter 8 was to be able to generate learner certificates after a quiz was completed. So, again, how do you add a logo to or enter the name of the course to the Interaction certificates that come with Presenter 8? I need help quickly as I'm working on a presentation for publication.

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                  flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                  Some updated information on the creation of your own certificates from the tutorial is listed here: http://www.connectusers.com/forums/topic/8822/adobe-connect-certificate-template-issue/

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                    Fray55 Level 1

                    Thank you for providing the link. 


                    Unfortunately, it appears to be beyond my current skill set with Flash. So, apparently, the assets located as Interactions in Presenter 8 are not editable by all intents and purposes as they do not support adding a logo or content title outside of Flash. I assume this functionaility has not been added to the Interactions in Presenter 9 either.


                    But Flash content specialists are able to build and edit their own templates of course.


                    Thank you, again.

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                      Terrific string and fine patience on your part, Fray.  I was just thinking about this today, so I found your posts very insightful.

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                        Fray55 Level 1

                        You're very kind, thanks.  I'm exploring options for hiring someone to make the Flash magic happen for me for the certificate edits. Or else go to an old school plan b of some sort. At least the quiz function works beautifully and is well within my grasp.

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                          Fray55 Level 1

                          An update on my progress with this project.  We did hire a person to edit the certificate within Presenter 8 interactions. It still didn't work. Then, he built a stand alone .swf certificate, but it still didn't work when imported from Flash to Presenter 8. I suppose the certificate interaction was never meant to be editable (as in dropping in a course name) and therefore of no value to our organization.  We'll investigate how we might be able to achieve our goals in Blackboard for Associations.

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                            flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                            You would need your certificate to call to specific items within the course/curriculum, but it is possible, though not with the Certificate Interaction provided by Presenter. I posted an updated version to the course certificate here, http://www.connectusers.com/forums/post/28349/#p28349, but I understand that you may not be able to explore that at this point. If you do look to use this, I would recomend that you use the certificate as the final object in a curriculum, instead of embedding it within Presenter. It just takes the interaction of the certificate and Presenter out of the equation, but provides the same result.

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                              mcruceanu1 Level 1


                              Hi, Jorma,

                              I am having the same problems like Fray, one year later. I also need a certificate after each module. Simple but enough to keep track of the progress:

                              The built in certificates are still not editable in Presenter 10 so I cannot add the name of the school, module, course. The Flash Player option is beyond my skill too. It adds the name of the student and the date only.

                              What is your advise? I asked this question in the forum too, nobody replied. Does it work now with Flash Player? I have Windows 8.1 and I do not even find the Macromedia folder.

                              Thank you very much.  Margareta

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                                flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)



                                I would recommend you look to hiring a Flash developer or someone who can create the certificate. The certificates from the link in my previous post will work with 7.0.7 and newer or as a stand alone object in a course.

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                                  mcruceanu1 Level 1

                                  Thank you. I don't think the customer will agree with this so we may just drop it. I tried while running on AdobeConnect, same output. It should be possible within AdobeConnect, right? How can I build one there?


                                  I wish I could just add two labels and place them in front of the certificate.


                                  By the way, the built-in version places the score below the line at printing time. Same happens in AdobeConnect.

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                                    flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                                    Yeah, the Presenter certificate is pretty basic. Not sure what can be done with that one. I believe Captivate may be the same way, but it could be worth testing the trial version to see if there is more functionality.


                                    The option provided above is the way to build the certificate for Connect. It calls to the Connect server for the user and course information with the following: