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    What is the correct way to render video adjustments when using Photoshop CS6?


      I recently shot footage for a guitar player in a recording studio with a Panasonic GH3, to be edited down to his favorite sections and be used for his own promotion.  Favor for him as a favor to a friend of mine.  The individual clips were all static shots on tripod using AVCHD 1080 30P at 24mbs.  With the confines of the space we were in and the 2 microphones in front of him low as he was seated, to miss those mics in the frame and because I had no room to move to my left, the 16x9 frame had waay too much space on the left and a little too much head room.


      No problem, I figured I would keep most of the 1080 specs and quality (wound up 1040 vertical (resized to fit top to bottom) with the slight crop of headroom) and just crop off unneeded background space left and right to make it an attractive framing composition wise.  But in Premiere Pro CS5 I could not figure out how to lose the "keep same 16x9 AR" while trying to do this.  Then I remembered my Photoshop CS6 had some nice video capabilities so I imported the clips into it and voila I could give it the cropping I wanted.  While there I also worked with the "Levels" section only to bring up the slightly underexposed footage and shadow detail of his black tux a bit.   Great!


      But the only way I could see to render those changes was to go to File > Export > Render Video.   It had to be done while in Photoshop document mode.  One additional "layer group" had to be made for the levels adjustment per videos I watched.  But if I flattened the image first those same options were not active.  The Files were HUGE.  I have a fast Mac Pro and it rendered them quickly and did not realize this until I had them exported back to the folder as MOV files, which seemed the only option.   One 3 minute clip is 29gb.  A 13 minute clip is 105gb.  Total just over 1 hr 15 min footage is 624gb.  Wow!!


      So my two questions please, are what is the correct way to render video files with any adjustments made on them in Photoshop CS6, first?


      And, is there any way in Premiere Pro to make those same type of crops, without having to keep the 16x9 full frame?  Just wanted the black bars on the side that PS gave me.



      Thanks very much