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    Sparkle trail across text

    J Yas Level 1

      Has anyone managed to create an effect like seen below in edge animate?





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          Some improvement since 2013 in this issue?

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            mads18950258 Level 1

            sorry i don't have a complete answer but may inspire your to a solution.


            the star trails you see in the flash scene is fairly simple if you know a bit of coding, actually you could fake it with a timeline animation ex. by creating a starAnimation symbol which basically moves and fadeout a star element, then place a lot of stars in a long line, rotate each of them so the stars moves in different directions and then at the end reposition the keyframe in the timeline so each star starts animating after a short delay, but before you start doing that, be warned that it takes a looong time and not flexible at all.

            coding is the way forward, if it's a straight line it's even simpler, a quick and dirty way could be to make a star animation symbol like before, a star that moves backwards and then fades out, then via code you'll need a position counter variable, for every x steps Add a star symbol to the scene, position it to the desired LEFT/TOP location (ex. left set to your position counter), randomly scale it a bit, randomly rotate it a bit and then you should have something that looks like the flash version.

            Bare in mind you will need to know a bit of coding to achieve this.

            creating the particle effect seen in the youTube video is a bit more challenging, first of all we are talking about a lot of objects, it's possible but you may encounter that some browser would be suffocated in the process, thou if you did it in Canvas perhaps WebGL it would not be a problem at all, still you need to learn how to code it ... i have no clue if you can use canvas and WebGL from within Edge Animate, im sure you can but performance wise im not sure it's the best idea.

            hope this could inspire you a bit.. enjoy

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              Agapyla Level 1

              oh thanks for sharing thoughts

              and what about smth simplier, you know such effect when the text is hightlighted by some crossing line? from side to side. it is very popular effect, right for now i cannot find smth in the web

              you can do it in Edge too but only with white background, when one cannot see the hightlighting line, as it is same color of the back

              but with changing the background to multicolor or picture, this simple solution doesn't work