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    Resolution seems a little low on big screen TV

    whitby rider Level 1

      I shot some video at 1920x1080 (30 frames per sec). I used continuous lighting to light my subject. ISO was 640. The final results look really good. However, after burning to DVD using Encore to prepare the DVD, the movie looks a bit pixely. It does not appear noisy at all (because of the 640 iso), just a bit mid resolution. I have seen sharper, higher quality video on my big screen tv when I view a movie or TV. My big scrren TV is 50"


      Is this normal or have I exported the movie improperly from Premiere to get this issue? The export settings I used from Premiere were: Format:Quicktime, Preset:HD1080i 29.97, H.264, 48khz


      Thank you.