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    Again, You Are Simply Missing the Point!!

    Will Crash

      After I posted on the general forum about the CC dubacle and who I feel Adobe's greed is forcing us to either join the cc with a neverending monthly fee or find other means for video editing, compositing, etc.,  I just came to find out that there will be no more Fireworks.  I was so focused on the fact that I am going to have to relearn a whole other workflow for video, I didn't even look to see what was in cluded in CC.  Adobe has not only abandoned its very loyal users by, and I qoute Adobe "will never release a perpetual license of our software again so people cannot buy it and use it for as long as they want", it is now removing one of their greatest pieces of software.  Adobe...I have been going back and forth on whether or not to join the CC.  I hate the fact that I will have a never ending payment to Big Brother Adobe for the rest of my life, but was considering it anyhow...until now.  No Fireworks....are you kidding.  I am also a web designer and I design primarily in Fireworks.  What are you doing?  Are you honestly trying to piss off every single corner of the Adobe community?  There is no overlap in the applications.  None of your other apps work like Fireworks and this just adds to the never ending mistake of the "CC".


      Adobe you have abandoned me and millions other user of your product, and now I can honestly say that I am no longer waivering on whether or not to join the CC.  The answer is simply NO.  Fireworks is such a good program that when I was in design school it was mandatory that we took the Fireworks class.  What have you done?  I can do 90% of the photoshop work in After Effects...you going to abandon photoshop also.  There is more overlap in those two than probably any of your other software so to get rid of Fireworks is unbelievably stupid. 


      Now to everyone else.  We are the users of their product.  We ultimately decide whether or not the Adobe CC machine survives or fails.  In this rediculous PC Correct United States that we live in where everyone has thrown in the towel and drank the Obama cool-aide, most of us have become sheep and will follow any bad idea as long as the people controlling the idea tell us it is great and we can't live without it.  Well, I did not drink the cool-aide.  I do not like my government telling me what I should and should not do and I surely do not like Adobe telling me the same thing.  The only option Adobe is giving us is the option to leave.  Their greed has hit the limits with the likes of Apple and their inflated prices because they make you believe that you cannot live with out it...so you buy it.  $2799.00 for a laptop that doesn't even have a DVD drive...REALLY?  I am tired...sick and tired mind you of these large corporations trying to dictate our future and all the sheeple buying into it.  Do you all remember how great Flash was....WAS.  Yeah, thanks apple for killing that incredible piece of software for us. Apple said it used to much computer resources and therefore was not efficient so we are killing it on our systems...REALLY.  How stupid is Apple who make a 12 core CPU.  I don't think flash is slowing it down that much in a world of hyper processors and gigs of video RAM.  No...they told you that and every goofball web designer in the world drank the Apple cool-aide and now Flash is gone.  Now Adobe is telling us we no longer need Fireworks and that the CC will be the cureall for everything in the furture and will bring world peace and harmony to all.  OMG I am so tired of big corporations.  Adobe, you have the right to move your product to CC and the right to not make a new Fireworks app, as I and everyone else have the right to move on and buy other software that we own and do not have to check in with you every 90 days to keep my software working.  No Thanks.  I am done with you and with Apple.  Anyone looking to buy a copy of CS5, and iphone 5 and two Imacs.  PC (Apple substitute) and Avid (Premiere substitute) and Aptana (Dreamweaver substitute), here I come.

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          You lost your credablity with Obama cool-aid remark.

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            Will Crash Level 1

            Nope.  You are wrong.  All the Obama remark does is stregthen my point.  The whole world has become followers.  People will follow Adobe no matter what they do.  People have followed Obama no many how many mistakes he makes. (More than I can count)  This was not a political remark.  It is simply a way of showing that people just take it...whatever it is...they just take it.  No one has a voice anymore.  They think they do, but what have they changed...nothing, and the machine keeps rolling.  Government has run amuck and somehow that is ok with everyone...not me of course, hence my statement.  Well the same is true with big corps.  They too have run amuck and like our government, tell us this is what we are doing and if you don't like it tough...much like Obama...and if you need specifics I can give you hundreds.  Since you are on the forums shocking you did not figure out the correlation between the two.  Guess your a reader, not a doer.