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    Multi Processor rendering & editing optimization




      Got some great info here from my last post!  So thanx


      So my question is...is it more ideal to use Xeon or multi processor board setups than single CPU chips?  My main aim is for rendering or workflow turnaround since in the next couple of months I might land a nice spot in the top five post companies in my sector...god willing.


      Therefore I plan to build a completely new system either focused on Multi CPU or buying multi crossfire Open CL rendering GPU cards.  I can't find any documentation or recommendations for improved performances in rendering speeds or realtime fx with a Multi CPU board or the NOW added multi Stream or CUDA GPU (SLI or CrossFire) rendering setups. 


      if anybody could explain any myths or facts as to how Premiere Pro takes advantage of CPUs or GPUs would be a big help.  I'm currently using a Quadro 2000 and an i7-990x with 24gb of memory.