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    Trying to install FB2 on Windows machine

    camfieldaj Level 1
      Ok, getting frustrated here. Have 2 devel machines: Linux and XP. XP is handme down from previous developer. It has a licensed copy of Flash 8, but it did not have Flex on it. I downloaded the standalone version of FB2, because I do not want to make any changes to the previous developers installation of eclipse which he used to develop in Ruby, etc. After I install and launch FB2 as either user or Admin, it tells me that my trial period is expired and I have to enter a valid serial number. I'm not putting in a purchase request for $500 until I can see that this thing works. Sorry. You have tremendous potential, but I can't see that it has been realized. On Linux: SDK works fine, but it is very hard to get docs on object properties and functions. Alpha version of IDE looks nice but problems with debugger, etc. make it unusable. Until I can show a working development environment, I can not recommend purchasing your product.
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          camfieldaj Level 1
          Update -- Used VMWare session running Ubuntu 7.04. Blew away gnu version of java(gij). Installed Sun jre; installed eclipse; still have to sudo to run FB for Linux installer and sh that starts IDE, but ... Once it's up and running... SWEET. Can even run projects in debugger. I guess I'll have to add a request for a clean development machine to the request to purchase a license for the Windoze version of FB2/3.

          When the Linux versioin becomes GA, I'll buy a copy of that, too.