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    CUDA severe problems

    Greg Popp Level 2

      Can't get CUDA to work in either Premiere Pro CS6 or CC.  Mac 10.8.4.  Retina Display Macbook Pro.  GeForce GT 650M.  CUDA driver 5.0.61.  Freezes, white screens, black screens, endless crashing.  "Software" works fine.  Thoughts?"

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          Greg Popp Level 2

          PS - For the investment I'm bummed to make ($50 a month by next year), this is unacceptable.  At the very least it should work.

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            Hi Greg,


            I feel your pain. I too am having this probelm as well.


            I've got all the same specs as you -- the Retina Macbook, the GeForce GT 650M and the same Cuda Driver... not to mention same version of OSX.


            This has been a reocurring issue on this Retina for some time now. And still I've yet to find anyone on this forum that has come close to giving me a solid answer as to why its happening. From what I can gather it seems to be us Retina Macbook users that are having severe issues. More to the point it seems to be an issue with the CUDA. In the past I've had more luck with OpenCL, though as of CC, this card isn't officially supported for OpenCL, but only CUDA (then it should work, right?). But you can still switch to it and might find it to be a little smoother... usually I bounce around with whichever one crashes less that day. Funny enough, CC and CS6 work better on my MacPro from 5 years ago then my Retina... go figure. Not to mention a friend's 07' iMac.


            My crashing honestly comes and goes... sometimes its crashing every two seconds, can't click anywhere without the "Sorry..." message and other times its great. Today its been pretty solid. But still tanked twice in a row in the middle of the day. And its just infurating. It demotivates me to want to work with the software and I sometimes share the same resenments over subscribing.


            Initially I had these issues on CS6, but found ways to work around it (OpenCL), but now its become unbearbale. My hope was that the problems would be fixed when CC came out and that didn't turn out to be true. I find that the editing experience in CC is sometimes comparable to that off Premiere 5 or 5.5... like 10 years ago. It hasn't been too reliable. Will say this, when it does work, it works like the best NLE's, period... but these hiccups, 10 years later are unaccepatble.


            I'm planning on calling Adobe and asking for a person or place I can take my Retina and duplicate these issues. Becaue I can duplicate them at will. They seem like gapping holes in testing...


            In addition to your issues, I also run into plenty of crashes due using basic Filters... again this makes be feel like I'm stuck in 2002 again... And today some of my Lumetri Color Filters are not responding correctly... no idea how that happened. Those also make the system crash.


            So what I have done to try and make things managable... quit using Cuda for a while. Focus on just editing, avoid filters and adjustment layers until your ready to finish up. Also watch out for the TEXT tool -- sometimes that can cause a crash if its layered in such a way... I find it pitiful that I have to edit like this, but find it more enjoyable/productive for the time being.


            Hopefully someone at Adobe can address these issues that some of us Retina users are experiencing. At this point I want to someone to tell me what I'm doing wrong, or what the problem is with their software... Bottomline, it's unacceptable.


            Hope you find a breakthrough! And if you do, please let me know!


            I do have a question -- what file format is the footage that your editing in? I don't think thats the issue, but I'm sort of taking tabs trying to figure out what is/isn't working.

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              Greg Popp Level 2

              Thank you for the thorough reply.  Articulate and comprehensive - something that can't be said of "chat" online support.  Enough said there.


              I'm just beginning to edit a 10 minute narrative I'd been planning for nearly 3 years.  Ended up shooting on the Canon 1D-C, and editing in 4k with ProRes 422 transcoded files.  Works great in "software" mode - at least it did on CS6.


              Upgraded because I didn't want to convert to CC mid-project. 


              In defense of Adobe, I can only imagine what kind of brainpower and manpower it takes to write all this code that does all these amazing things.  I remember when I was into flight simulators and thought the same.  Well, they're all gone now, because the business model didn't support those minds.  Not enough customers and $$$.  So I guess it will always be an imperfect, evolving product.

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                bkgarceau Level 1

                Yeah, its be quite a learning experience. Everytime I resort to tech support I've been given the same list of things to do, so I'm trying to take matters into my own hands, because I really want to use this software without problems. Hopefully its just a short amount of time before some of this is cleared up.


                I know its not ideal, but have you tried cutting in 2K as an offline? I can't say it will be more stable, but you never know. Though, I am only cutting in 1080p and I experience the same issues as you.


                The only other thing people mention time and time again -- is the "Automatic Graphis Switching" under Energy Saver in System Preferences. That should be switched off while editing/using CC or CS6. But I assume you would of heard that one immediatly upon looking for a fix to the Cuda issue. I'm sure it helps, but it hasn't improved my editing experience.


                If I find a true fix, or hear from Adobe, I'll pass that info along.

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                  Greg Popp Level 2

                  Not sure if this helps, but I have two projects currently in CC.  One is 1920 by 1080p dslr h264 footage.  The clips are merged files, edited in the timeline with Magic Bullet Looks added and also some sharpening.  The project plays perfectly in CUDA mode on my machine.  No glitches, black screens, white screens, or crashes.


                  The other project is 4K ProRes 422.  Merged clips again, some with filters - most without.  That project suffers from all the previously mentioned problems.


                  So it's either in the ProRes, or the size of the files, or the size of the project.  Not sure.  And yes, disabled Auto Graphics Switching, but still have all the issues.


                  Let's try and solve this.  Keep me posted. 

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                    bkgarceau Level 1

                    Interesting. I've been using H264 DSLR footage primarily and that was where I was running into issues. My machine also responded well to ProRes, but I haven't done a full blown project of just ProRes.


                    I ran into so slowdown with magic bullet looks, but that was back in January in CS6. Exporting took forever for a 2 minute video. Haven't used the looks since then, but the speeds have certainly increased. And this weekend I've had a fairly flawless go while editing. Nothing "too strenuous" I'd say... but just solid editing.


                    Have yet to runn 4K through the machine. I'd imagine that such an issue could arise there.


                    Will keep plugging away and see if anything happens on my end.

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                      bkgarceau Level 1

                      Ha! I just tried some adjustment layers and then a separate filter... playblack locks up and goes black immediatly, had to restart. There is something wrong, its just TOO unstable when you try to add anything!

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                        Same spec, same promlems!!


                        Hope a solution is near!

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                          bkgarceau Level 1



                          Will ask, have you tired the latest version of PPro CC? The one update that came out earlier this month?


                          I updated, but since have been cutting in various other NLE's based on my project needs. The only time I used it, things were working, so I wonder if any of the CUDA stabalized since the initial release... However, I wasn't really getting PPro anything heavy to process live, so for all I know its worse. Though I find that harder to believe.


                          I did read the release notes for the update and didn't see anything in particular detailing this issue, so I can't assuem that its been fixed. But I'm hopeful.


                          Soon I should be back to editing in PPro -- and if I have issues, I've been meaning to, I'll contact Adobe and see if we can get to the bottom of this.

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                            petergaraway Adobe Employee

                            Hi bkgarceau,


                            Sorry for the troubles. Can tell me your exact steps what lead up to your screen going black? Also what files you had in your Timeline?




                            Peter Garaway


                            Premiere Pro

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                              Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                              Greg Popp wrote:


                              GeForce GT 650M....


                              Hi Greg,

                              There are two types of the GeForce GT 650M. One version does not have the required VRAM to run the Mercury Playback Engine. Can you check the VRAM specs of your video card?




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                                bkgarceau Level 1

                                Hi Peter,


                                So I have a timeline, in most cases its a DSLR 23.98 timeline (H.264). And I usually use the same footage. I've also had the same issue with ProRes.


                                Usually when I'm doing basic edits, things seem to be okay. The issues I'm experiencing seem to pop up in a few areas. If I add certain FILTERS, like mosaic, Lumetri or some of the Green Screen filters. Things seem fine at first, but a few moments of playback and things can get hairy. Normally pops up if I'm watching, re-watching and trying to get animation just right. Sometimes PPro hangs up and the source/record monitors go black. I've also had them create a bizzare mosaic/collage (not because of any filter) of footage used in the project. I've actually got some screen shots of those. But a restart of the program or system, things seem fine. Just a royal pain to restart every few minutes, as it seems to come in waves. Sometimes its working, other times it will crash regulary every few minutes (less since CC released).


                                I also notice the issue when using title cards overlayed on footage. And can also find the issue occuring when using adjustment layers. Sometimes PPro skips the Cuda Crash (guessing here) and will just pop up with the "Sorry, serious error...etc" and/or just a program crash. I've also had the system just freeze up at these moments and require a hard restart.


                                I had tried both playback with a yellow - unrendered bar and rendering to green and still found the issues to happen.


                                I will say that things have stabalized somewhat from CS6 to CC. And I've yet to go all out in CC 7.0.1 (105).


                                Really started using CS6/CC more often this spring, but I've experienced the issues since last fall when I first installed CS6 on my new Retina MBP. The "fix" then was switching to OpenCL and that seemed to work "better" then Cuda. Now the CUDA acceleration is the only recommened one by Adobe via the their sheet on GFX Cards, for this particular card found in the Retina MBP.


                                At first I also assumed this was a result of me using 3 monitors with the retina -- 1 Thunderbolt, 1 HDMI and the Retina. With the Retina being the PREVIEW monitor. But I had the same issues with just my Retina alone...


                                Also I'm running USB 3 hard drives as well. But again, also moved footage local and ran into the same issues.


                                Out of ideas... Turned off Automatic Graphics Switching and various other suggestions mentioned in these forums. Not a sound solution yet. This issues doesn't seem to affect every Retina user, but I've certainly found some in this forum. And my guess is its primarily an issue do to the CUDA... but that remains to be seen.

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                                  Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                                  bkgarceau wrote:


                                  Out of ideas...


                                  OK, I'll ask again: How much VRAM does your 650M have? Apple Menu > About this Mac...



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                                    bkgarceau Level 1

                                    Sorry, thought that was meant toward Greg...


                                    NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024 MB

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                                      Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                                      Hi bk,

                                      Actually, I was asking both of you guys. I want to make it clear that the 650M comes in 2 varieties in the MacBook Pro. Very confusing.


                                      BTW, do you have any third party hardware drivers? Any screen capture hardware? If you do a search for Soundflower, does anything turn up?


                                      What happens if you use non-QuickTime formats? Is it only QuickTime giving you trouble?




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                                        jasonvp Level 3

                                        Kevin Monahan wrote:


                                        Hi bk,

                                        Actually, I was asking both of you guys. I want to make it clear that the 650M comes in 2 varieties in the MacBook Pro. Very confusing.

                                        I don't think that's the case specifically with the Retina Macbook Pro, as the OP initially stated.  They only come with 1G of VRAM.

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                                          Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                                          Hi Jason,
                                          Thanks for clarifying. I checked. Only the 15" non-Retina MacBook Pro has the oddball 650M.



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                                            bkgarceau Level 1

                                            I don't have any third party hardware drivers ore screen capture. But, when I type in Soundflower, that does come up. Is there something there that could be an issue?


                                            Was playing with some MXF stuff and was unable to recreate my issues... Will give my testing another go with some regular H.264 and see what happens.

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                                              Greg Popp Level 2

                                              Hi Kevin,

                                              I really appreciate you taking an interest in this thread.  I have a job pitch for (paying!) work to get out this morning, but I'll do some experimenting and get you more information this afternoon.


                                              I've been editing my short at 1/2 playback resolution in software mode and everything's been fine for me.  It really hasn't slowed me down.  That said, I'd love to get all the horsepower out of my system that I can.


                                              I was slow to respond here because email notifications have never ever worked for me.  I have to come and check on the forum to see if there's been any activity - and sometimes I'm a bit tardy!

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                                                Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                                                Hi bkgarceau,

                                                Yes, Soundflower has been known to cause conflicts with QuickTime. It is usually a part of audio programs, or screen capture programs. I recommend removing that application and try working your project once more. See if things go more smoothly.




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                                                  bkgarceau Level 1

                                                  Hi Kevin,


                                                  Finally got back to this Premiere Project and it seems to be working better. At least not crashing this evening. So I hope that Soundflower was a big proponet of my problems. Without your suggestion I'm sure I would have never reached that conclusion.


                                                  Thanks again,



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                                                    toneproductions Level 1

                                                    I am experiencing very similar problems in premiere CC on a RMBP.


                                                    Everything from weird visual glitches accross my displays (see screen grabs) throught to system freezes, kernel panics and general mental breakdowns (on my part)


                                                    I took my machine into Apple as I thought that perhaps the GPU in my machine was faulty. They replaced it and the logic board. So far so good but that could be because I installed a fresh version of CC and have not enabled CUDA although there doesn't actually seem to be an option to enable CUDA in CC. Am I missing something? I did the whole modify host file trick in CS6.


                                                    My specs


                                                    RMBP 15

                                                    2.8 GHz Intel Core i7

                                                    16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

                                                    751 GB SSD


                                                    MEDIA DRIVE - LACIE 8TB RAID 0 via thunderbolt

                                                    Caches etc - LACIE 320BG external SSD

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                                                      bkgarceau Level 1



                                                      Did you try looking under FILE > PROJECT SETTINGS > GENERAL


                                                      Top section there is "Video Rendering and Playback: Renderer" and in there you should be able to select from CUDA, OpenCL and Software Only...


                                                      But you should be fine with selecting CUDA within that box.




                                                      I've certainly seen a dip in my crashes since CC 7.0.1 and uninstalling SOUNDFLOWER. But I used to have the same exact problems as you did... hopefully things have ironed out.

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                                                        I am stuck in the same boat. Early 2003 MacBook Pro 15" Retina with NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024 MB 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7. No problems during editing however project constantly crashes during encoding in Adobe Media Encoder. Seems to crash at same spot in the middle of a clip though, not during a transition or anything that would make that particular frame different. Am using one adjustment layer plus basic color correction and a few text layers.


                                                        I've tried everything next to reinstalling the systme from scratch and RMA-ing the laptop. I've upgraded/downgraded CUDA. I've uninstalled software, reinstalled it. Encoding with software only works fine but the encoding time to H.264 is 2-3x slower than when using CUDA.


                                                        I'm editing 1920x1080 ProRes HQ large files 3-5GB per clip and around 100GB total to 10-12Mbit 2Pass VBR H.264. Project length 45min-1hr, encoding crashes about 10 minutes into the video. Same problems with AVCHD sources.



                                                        Process:         PProHeadless [22541]

                                                        Path:            /Applications/Adobe Premiere Pro CC/Adobe Premiere Pro CC.app/Contents/PProHeadless.app/Contents/MacOS/PProHeadless

                                                        Identifier:      PProHeadless

                                                        Version:         7.0.1 (

                                                        Code Type:       X86-64 (Native)

                                                        Parent Process:  dynamiclinkmanager [14028]

                                                        User ID:         501



                                                        Date/Time:       2013-08-14 21:57:49.786 +0200

                                                        OS Version:      Mac OS X 10.8.4 (12E55)

                                                        Report Version:  10



                                                        Crashed Thread:  0  Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread



                                                        Exception Type:  EXC_CRASH (SIGBUS)

                                                        Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000

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                                                          bkgarceau Level 1

                                                          Ouch - thats rough DoctorE99,


                                                          I assume when you say Media Encoder you're referring to just the general "export" box in PPro.


                                                          First thought -- Are you exporting with GPU processing? If so, Cuda, OpenCl or Software? I found I have great performance on OpenCL on the Retina, even though its "not supported".


                                                          Have you also tried, and this is pain and not ideal, but exporting in chunks? Or just trying to export that one bit of the timeline? I know I have had issues in CS6 with certain area's of the timeline and was able to remedy by exporting the bad chunk and putting that piece back into Premiere. Not ideal, but when in a pinch or just trying to narrow down where the problem stems from.


                                                          And I assume you've got Graphics Switching turned off under Energy Saver.


                                                          Hmm, hope you find an answer to your problem.

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                                                            DoctorE99 Level 1

                                                            I am refering to Adobe Media Encoder which launches after using the Queue in Premiere Pro CC's File > Export Media.


                                                            Automatic Graphics Switching turned off. Tried everything I could think of: PVRAM reset, SMC reset, all software up to date, CC, Cuda, OS X updates, secondary monitor on/off, all other software on/off.


                                                            The crash that happens with CUDA basically just makes the little preview window in AME go black with a couple colored pixels on it and the System Logs has a crash generate of PProHeadless. Am using the latest 5.5.20 Nvidia Cuda.


                                                            I've tried OpenCL but that randomly makes the whole system freeze.


                                                            Software Only works perfect however it takes 2-3x longer to encode to H.264.


                                                            I have an image overlay track, a text track, an adjustment layer track and a main video track. I am using RGB Curves, Fast Color Corrector and Three Way Color Corrector.


                                                            The problem is I really need batch encoding so I have to use the Queue into Adobe Media Encoder.

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                                                              bkgarceau Level 1

                                                              Gotcha. That is tough. Makes sense on the rendering and your right, software only really drags.


                                                              On the Cuda Side -- haven't tried to do the Queue yet on my end, but did notice I was running 5.0.61 for Cuda, so I'm due for an update. Also I notcied CUDA goes up to 5.5.25... Do you see a later driver available on your machine?

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                                                                DoctorE99 Level 1

                                                                Trying 5.5.25 now...

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                                                                  DoctorE99 Level 1

                                                                  5.5.25 did not help. Did full reinstall of OS. No Help. I started a thread with all the details:


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                                                                    toneproductions Level 1

                                                                    Hi Guys,



                                                                    I may have found the culprit for the poor performance of my system in Prem and AE CC.


                                                                    I have a 27" TB display and a third Benq display connected via HDMI to the laptop. It seems that in order for the Laptop/GPU to drive the third display it simply uses up too much of the 1GB VRAM leaving to little availble to Premiere and AE.


                                                                    After ripping my hair out with looming deadlines (i'm sure you all know the feeling!) I thought I'd try disconnecting the third HDMI display. The difference in performance was dramatic.


                                                                    A 20 second (fairly complex) AE comp, dynamicly linked in Prem took 10mins to fully render in the timeline using the animation codec as the preview codec.


                                                                    With the third display connected via HDMI the same sequence to 1.5hrs to render using the same uncompresssed codec!


                                                                    FYI I'm writing my preview files to a seperate Thunderbolt SSD.



                                                                    My problem now is that I'm reduced to using two displays. Could I use some kind of in/out device (matrox/Blackmagic etc) to continue to use the third monitor without eating up my VRAM?


                                                                    Kind regards,



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                                                                      DoctorE99 Level 1

                                                                      Honestly, I tried this and it didnt' help. My "solution" was to buy a basic hackintosh for about $1500 with one of the exact compatible video cards Geforce GTX680 2048Mo 1058Mhz PCI-Express 16x. No crashes and the encodes run fine there on CUDA. I edit on my Macbook Pro Retina 15" and encode over the network on the encoding machine.

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                                                                        toneproductions Level 1

                                                                        That was going to be my next port of call DoctorE99,


                                                                        What Hack did you build? Something from www.tonymacx86.com?


                                                                        Why don't you edit on it?