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    Migrating subversion repository

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      I just moved my work to a new laptop.  I set up subversion in the new computer and transferred the repository from the old to the new computer using svnadmin dump and load.  However, when I connected my sites in Dreamweaver (CS5.5) to the new repositories, it doesn't seem to recognize any of the old versions.  When I select "Version Control" on the menu, the option for "Show Revisions" is grayed out.  So in essence, all the files are treated as new files.  In other words, my migrating the repository didn't work as I can't compare my files to the old versions.


      One possible reason is that my CF directory has changed.  In the old laptop, my files are stored in C:\websites\cf9\sitename, while in the new laptop, I use C:\websites\cf10\sitename.  I would think that this shouldn't matter because the file location should be relative to the svn server path, ie.  "myserver/svn/sitename"  and not to their physical location.


      Anyway, any suggestion as to what I should do?


      Thank you.

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          Figured out what happened. In each folder there is a .svn folder (may be hidden).  In that folder there is a file called entries. This file contains the name of the subversion server. Since i changed my computer, the name of the subversion server changed too. So i had to edit this file to reflect the new server name.  I used notepad++'s search in files tool to make bulk changes. Only tricky part is that the .svn folders are read only so i have to te,porarily uncheck that flag in explorer.


          Once i changed the server name in entries, i clicked update status in dw and i get my repository back.