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    New Disk Setup - 4 SSDs, 3 HDs - what {not} to RAID


      I am building a new machine (a first for me & with 2 years of savings) and will finally have a powerful machine to work (using a 2009 Macbook Pro for 4 years).


      I have purchased the following:

      • Samsung 840 Pro SSD- 256GB - 2 nos. (seq. read/write 500+)
      • Samsung 840 (nonPro) - 128GB - 2 nos. (seq. read ~500 but write only ~125)
      • Seagate 7200rpm HD - 2TB - 3 nos.

      And my plan is to use

      C: > Samsung 840 Pro 256GB : OS and Applications

      D: > Samsung 840 Pro 256GB: Previews and Renders

      E: > Samsung 840 128GB x 2 RAID-0 : Footage

      F: > Seagate 2TB x 2 RAID-0 HDD : Exports and General Personal Files (like Docs, Music)

      G: > Seagate 2TB : Dedicated solely as Backup Drive for crictical data at a given time (taking manual backups on old external drives).


      Can someone please give me feedback on this setup and recommendations on which to use for what all.

      Let me know any input or suggestion you may have like maybe a totally different setup (like all SSDs independent and 3xHDDs as RAID-0).


      I am also particularly looking for suggestions of which ports on my MoBo to connect these to.

      I am using a ASUS P9X79 Pro so have 8 Ports - 2xSATA3 Intel, 2xSATA3 Marvell, 4xSATA2.

      And fyi I am using an Intel i7 3930K, Gigabyte GTX770 4GB and 64GB RAM.


      I posted this question 1 week ago along with PC build (http://forums.adobe.com/message/5464227).

      I got valuable suggestions on the build part (like cooling and upgrading RAM) but am still looking for more inputs on disk setup.


      Thanks for your time.