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    cnn news scroll

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      I am using  the Crawl functionality , within the Title submenu, to create a cnn style news-ticker  at the bottom of the screen.  It was quite easy to set up and looks real but when it came time for me to edit some spelling errors , I got real frustrated,  When it is not playing, you only see the beginning part of the scroll that fits on screen and I can't figure out how to access the copy at a later point to make necessary edits.  Is anyone out there familiar with the editing capabilities for this horizontal crawl? I am using PE 10

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Sounds like great success.


          Try double clicking the title on the Timeline to open the Titler. Then use the Type Tool to edit your text, moving along the line of text with the scroll as indicated in the screenshot.


          Selection Tool above Type Tool as needed.



          Have you been there and done that and still have problems with editing the crawl text?


          We will watch for your progress.





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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            ATR has given you the tips to edit your Crawl Text. That should get your Title fixed.


            When I am doing either a long Crawl (across a portion of the screen in a horizontal flow), or a long Scroll (up/down), I will create that Title in Photoshop, sized to allow for all of the Text that I require. I start with one of the Video Presets in Photoshop (to match my Project's Frame Size), and then expand the Canvas, in the direction that I need (to the right only for a Crawl, or to the bottom only for a scroll, if from down to up), and add my Text. That makes editing of the Text easy, as all of it is displayed in Photoshop. As PrE can handle Still Images (my Title in this case), I have many pixels, to play with. I do not expand the Canvas in any other direction, to keep the overall number of pixels to a minimum for performance. I then Import that Title into PrE, as a PSD with Transparency, and animate it via the Fixed Effect>Motion>Position.


            The one drawback is that the Title must then be edited back in Photoshop, and not in PrE's Titler. Still, as Photoshop offers more Type-handling capabilities, I find this to be a good trade-off.


            Photoshop Elements can do all of that too, though I am not familiar with which Type-handling functions it might, or might not have.


            Obviously, one needs Photoshop, or Photoshop Elements, for this to be a viable solution.


            Good luck, and I think that you have the info to finish up your Crawl.



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              Thanks ATR!  I was overlooking that scroll bar.  That was the missing piece! Do you happen to know if Adobe has a character limitation on how long the scroll can be?

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                I have not looked at crawling text titles in a while so your question was a good learning opportunity for me.


                As for character limitation on how long the scroll can be, I would have to explore that. What is the maximum crawling title duration that you think that you might need? I will give it a try to see if I can get the feature to give an answer.


                Thanks for the follow up.



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                  Hey ATR,


                  I hope you had a nice weekend.


                  What  I am noticing is that after a couple lines of text, although adobe still lets you type all the way to the end of your copy, you reach a point where characters at the very beginnig get cut off. ( so you end up  missing the first part of the scroll .  If you decrease the size of the font , then it comes back but even for my shrot amount of copy, I would have to make the font way too small for everything to show up. I am wondering if this relates to the crawl settings or just an overall adobe limitation?

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    I have never tried to push whatever limit there might be in a Title, created in PrE's Titler, so cannot give you a max. size, or number of characters.


                    Once the max. size for a Still Image (imagine a PSD here, rather than a Title from Titler) was 4096 x 4096 pixels. I believe that this maximum has increased in PrE 11, as it did in about PrPro CS 5. In the case of a title Crawl, one would only need the height of the Frame Size, so the width could expand by quite a bit, even over 4096. For instance, with a Full-HD Project, if 4096 x 4096 pixels IS the max, then it would 4096 x 4096 = 16,777,216 ÷ 1080 = 15,534 pixels. That could be a very, very long Scroll. *


                    Still, when I create by Scrolling Titles in Photoshop (I have never done a long Crawl, that I can recall), I still expand my Canvas (in Photoshop), to only about 4000 pixels, in the vertical direction. I would anticipate that one could do the same for a Crawl. That will allow many characters, at a decent font size. If that max. size was increased in PrE 10, then one could have a VERY long Scroll.


                    Also, I will manually Keyframe my "title" (which will be a PSD out of Photoshop) with Motion>Position, with the Text starting off-screen (off-screen right, in your case of a right to left Scroll), and then end that Keyframing with the Text off-screen left.


                    We I having issues with a Title, created in Titler, I would definitely employ Photoshop/Photoshop Elements, to make things easier.


                    Do you have access to Photoshop, or Photoshop Elements?

                    What are the Frame Size dimensions (in pixels) of your Project, i.e. 1920 x 1080, or other?

                    About how many characters do you need?

                    What font size would you like the Text to be, and which font have you chosen?


                    If you would like to explore the creation of a title in Photoshop, please let me know, as I can step you through the entire process.


                    Good luck,




                    * Also, if one needed an even longer scroll, if there is any sort of line break in the Text, one could create multiple titles in Photoshop (or even in the Titler), for each "line" of Text. Obviously, the line break in a Scroll is seen as space between the last character in the first Title, and the first character in the next Title. One would just want to manually do the animation at the same Crawl rate, so that Title 02 follows Title 01 with the same amount of space, and at the same speed. One would just place Title 02 on a Video Track higher than Title 01, so that it would beging the Crawl, slightly before Title 01 had finished. I have done this with very, very long Scrolls, and the viewer never knows that it's multiple Titles, as they see it as one.

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Thanks for the follow up on this.


                      Here is what I did and would like you to try if you have not already.


                      Text Menu/New Text/Default Crawl...got rid of the Add Text in the Titler and type one to fifty (written out). The duration of my title file was 1 minute.


                      Text Menu/Roll/Crawl options....

                      check mark next to Start Off Screen

                      check mark next to End Off Screen

                      Crawl/Crawl Left


                      I could make the text size whatever I wanted.


                      Please let us know if that the effect you seek.





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                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                        Please let us know if you have any further requirements for what you described. My response in post 7 addressed what I believed to be the principle that you sought for establishing a generalized crawling title that was displayed from start to finish.


                        I used a title of 1 minute duration as the model. Could have been a different duration if need be. What duration does your crawling title have to be to cover the video below it?


                        More details related to the specifics of your question will be supplied if you need them.





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                          I finally got around to trying this out.  the key was checking "start off screen".  The default crawl does not do that.


                          Thank you!

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                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                            Thanks for the update. Glad that worked for you.


                            You are making great progress nativating the Premiere Elements learning curve. I think that you have graduated well beyond the status that your user ID implies. Good job.


                            Continues progress and success.



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                              Ha ha, that's funny.  I should change my username:)


                              This board has really helped my learning curve.  Keep up the great work on your end as well!