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    Dealing with old AVI files - what is best format for 'master' storage.

    Quofiend Level 1

      I kept a lot of original AVI footage from the original DV Tapes. I see these as the MASTER material.

      I also have the same footage on MPG.

      My new Smart TV will link to ny network and can see the AVI files but not play them.
      It seems i need to convert them to a Divx format of AVI in order to play these files...


      Question is therefore 2 fold.


      1 - I want store/keep and have as 'masters' the highest quality of the orginal recordings. So is the best 'original',  the orignal DV Tape AVI files or would editing these via CS6 and outputing an MPG or MP4 format be as good as the 'original'.

      Despite 15 years messing about with digital editing, i remain baffled by what constitutes 'ORIGINAL FORMAT'.


      2 - How can I convert the AVI files from current set up to a Divx Codec that my SMART TV will recognise and play.  WIll CS6 do this or Encoder ?  I cant see an option.
      I've tried all AVI outputs and the SmartTV cannot read any of them.