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    Audio / Video skips or freezes playback after using AE

    MaxxmanHD Level 1

      I'm having a issue with the Audio / Video output after using AE.  I'm taking a AVI file from my video camera, import to AE, added a Adjustment layer to hide a face, then rendered.  In the render settings, I have tried changing several settings, but I'm unable to resolve the issue.


      When I playback, I see the video and the audio starts, but then audio and video begin to play, pause for a second, then play, pause again, resulting in a skipping video and audio.


      The source video plays fine with no issues.


      I have changed video frame rates, leaving it in Auto, and then trying to set at 29.97, 30, and a few others.  I've changed several options in the Audio panel right before rendering, 8 bit, 16 bit, 32bit, etc.  I tried different kHz settings.  I've tried selecting a different file format for the export.  I even tried playing with the Audio Interleave settings.


      All resulting in the same exact result, a video file that isn't playable.


      I played with the RAM preview as well.  I get better results when using it, but the Saved RAM video has the same playback issues,


      I do not like the fact that AE has Audio disabled by default for rendering.  That makes no sense at all.  Most videos will have audio and it should be on.  Ok, that was just a grip.


      Last, I tried playing with the video codec settings.


      I give up.  Pl.ease help me fix this, as it is a AE issue for sure.  Well, it could be a learning issue for me, given I'm new to AE.