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    First attempt to import an FCP project: FAIL

    Robert Withers

      This was my first attempt to import an fcp project (v 5) from an xml file. FAIL.

      Everything seemed to be working except one "wrong format" file not imported.

      The FCP Import log showed all the image stabilizations not imported, and video cross dissolves (+3 db) imported as Constant Power. (Is this both a video and audio effect in PPro or audio only?)

      Linked all files except the "wrong format" file.

      Found the "wrong format" file is actually a QT .mov but when I try to import it individually PPro imports it as an audio file.

      The PPro timeline is chaos. Shots repeated randomly, shots marked with double bars, most shots not imported. At least what is there is in the same time order as the fcp project, but unusable.

      I knew this might take a while.

      Now I'm going back to scratch, will re-export from FCP, do it all over again.

      Mostly venting,

      Thanks for reading,


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          Robert Withers Level 1

          It's a 30 minute project with a couple of embedded sequences. Imported through Media Browser. I guess the transition from FCP is not as seamless as advertised. :-(

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            Robert Withers Level 1

            Second Attempt: FAIL

            Returned to FCP 5, checked that there are no nested sequences in 4 sequences for export. For each, selected entire timeline, export to XML, shows "Apple xml interchange format, version 3, include master clips outside selection is checked.

            Import each xml file from PPro media browser. FCP conversion shows a dozen transitions and image stabilizations "not imported?" not something.


            In folders for each sequence I see that only a few clips out of 50-100 in the main sequence were imported. One or two clips imported in the shorter sequences of maybe 1-2 dozen clips. These short sequences have no transitions or effects.

            Opening the sequences in separate timelinea, the few clips are duplicated many times, then there are gaps of clips not imported.


            I would try deleting all effects in the FCP timelines but I don't know how to do that globally.

            Now I'm not venting, just trying to solve this.

            Any ideas?



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              Robert Withers Level 1

              Third attempt: FAIL Better?

              This time followed somebody's tip on the internet and did the XML export from the BINS in the FCP project. Grouped them in fcp into one for original footage and one for sequences.

              This time lots more items exported and came into Media Browser to PP.

              Hundreds of clips, different sequences, etc.

              More of the main sequence appears in the timeline, no barred out shots, BUT it's still not the timeline I edited. Still weird repetition of shots overandoverandover.

              Will go back and try to export again from the fcp project in all their funky disarray, not changing anything.

              I wish I could start editing, waah :-) :-(

              Am I close enough for someone to offer some help?

              If I'm still just talking to myself is this interesting to anybody?

              Best wishes and thanks,


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                Robert Withers Level 1

                Ontological FAIL softened by Adobe rep chat:


                Robert: ok, what's happening?

                Prerna: the sequences are nested ?

                Prerna: i see that there are subclips

                Robert: When I imported from my camera, I used the option to automatically mark change points between shots. Then I used FCP to automatically convert these marked segments to subclips. I edited with subclips, which behave like shots. There are no nested sequences, as best as I can tell.

                Prerna: ok

                Prerna: please download cs 6 trial and check in that once

                Robert: OK, that may take a little time. According to my readings on the Adobe site, the CS 6 trial is no longer available for download. Shall I start hunting for this?

                Robert: Is there a problem with CC7?

                Robert: Are you there?

                Prerna: there is a known issue with multicam footage and nested sequences

                Robert: OK, I'm not using multicam footage or nested sequence. So what do we think my issue is?

                Robert: Hello?

                Prerna: the change points which are now converted to subclips are not getting detected properly with premiere pro

                Robert: OK. And that is how my fcp show was edited. Is it not possible to import this into PP?

                Robert: If I convert my timeline into a single QT movie, will that import properly?

                Prerna: yes you can try that, mov file will be imported

                Robert: Will I be able to access the segments and subclips from this show in PP?

                Prerna: yes

                Robert: OK, so this could be an interesting workaround. Or I could go back and finish editing this project in FCP.

                Prerna: ok, and you can then export timeline to QT and import that in premiere pro

                Prerna: you can contact us anytime

                Robert: OK, thanks. I want to copy this chat.

                Prerna: You're welcome.

                Prerna: Thank you for your patience.

                Robert: I will sign off now. Thank you


                So . . . my works-in-progress in fcp will not translate because I used the option to automatically create subclips using DV start/stop detection. FCP treats these subclips just like any clips. But can't export the metadata or the markers so that PP can read them.


                Nothing is as simple as it seems. Looks like I'm back to FCP, until I am ready to imported QT files with the final edit versions into PP.




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