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    Navigatetourl won't open in same window and in infinite refresh


      I have a project that requires a skip button and to go to a specified url in the same window once the animation is complete. The button works, however the navigatetourl in the last frame is not behaving.


      Here is the code I've placed in the last frame:


      addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, fl_EnterFrameHandler);


      function fl_EnterFrameHandler(event:Event):void


          //Start your custom code

          // This example code displays the words "Entered frame" in the Output panel.


          navigateToURL(new URLRequest("http://www.student.nvcc.edu/home/amlayne/ite170/dreamweaver/graded_assignments/index.html"), "_self");



          // End your custom code



      I've tried moving it to an earlier frame, placing a stop in the earlier frame, moving the stop command to after and so on. No matter what I do, the new url opens in a new window and is in a constant state of refresh. I also have the loop turned off but the animation begins to load the first frame again anyway.  Please help. I've tried many fixed listed in forums that are all about the same with no different results.  You can view my animation here: http://www.student.nvcc.edu/home/amlayne/ite170/flash/graded%20assignments/myintro.html


      NOTE: You will have to close the browser to get the refresh to stop.


      I've been working on this one issue two days and am at a complete loss.