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    Choppy/Laggy Video playback in Preview window


      Hello everyone,


      First time poster here, and sadly the "middle man" in this situation. Please bare with me, I am not an adobe pro, but could get all the information you need if need be.

      I have a client that purchased a system from us a little over a year ago, and hasn't had any issues that I am aware of since.


      The Issue is choppy video playback within the preview window of Premiere  5.03(right hand side).  The top colored bar is majority yellow, and has some small "patches" of green through the timeline.  The video file is 3 layers(each layer on its own hdd internally), all in .avi format, being exported in 1280x720p.


      I found what the red, green,and yellow bars page on the forums here, and that is fine and completely acceptable. However, this is an issue that has just begun recently.  In the past, the preview playback, with the yellow bar would playback smoothly with no issues, the content or effects has not changed since either.


      Went over all the settings within Pr, set the playback to 75%, set for memory over performance (tried both with no difference), all the "layers" are on different HDD's, and the Mercury engine is enabled and seeing  the card.


      When rendering the files within the timeline only, its over and done with in 30 seconds or less to a SSD, so I am not sure if its even doing anything really.  Obviously, the green segment is ok, then you hit the yellow, and chopping begins.  As stated, this is a new thing to happen to the system.  The one pointer that was brought to my attention was.  The client had applied a "Fast Color Corrector" effect to whatever they were working on, then disabled it  for being too strong.  From that point forward, they have experienced this lag/choppy video issue.   Since they have to finish this project,  you can imagine this makes their job near impossible. 



      Any pointers, ideas, or solutions would GREATLY be appreciated, Thank you all in advance!!




      Build Spec:

      Adobe: CS5.03 (wants to upgrade once project is finished)

      CPU: Intel i7-3930K

      Memory: 32GB DDR3-1600Mhz

      Video: Nvidia GTX 570HD 2.5gb (320.xx driver)

      HDD: Boot/CS suite : 256gb SSD

      Scratch: 64gb SSD

      4x 3TB HDDs (JBOD)(work/effects)

      1x 2TB caviar black (source)

      Export: Fiber/SAN unit

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          Jeff Bellune Level 5

          We could use the codec inside the AVI file, and whether or not the source footage frame size matches the sequence frame size.  Export frame size isn't really relevant at this stage.


          As a test, delete the Fast Color Corrector effect instead of disabling it.  Does that improve playback?


          One user has reported that being in the Color Correction workspace, with scopes, caused laggy playback.  But that was on a Mac.



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            DiamondPC2013 Level 1

            Hello, and thank you for your reply...


            I am sorry for the late response, my email sent the notifier to my spam box....


            I will go ahead and give that one a go, since I have not any major progress since the orginal entry.  Luckily I will actually be seeing my client today, and will get a better idea on how the system is behaving overall.


            I will keep you all that are following updated!