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    Text Accessible issues


      Friend of mine has Adobe 6 Pro (older Windows machine) and converts a file to txt accessible whcih we then bring into EXCEL.  When I try to do the same with 6 Pro, 7 Pro, or Std X on my (new) machine it doesn't.  Why?  It seems to break the lines in the pdf document and put them on different rows.  Will the cloud service from Adobe convert these properly?

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          JH7725 Level 1

          And I just tried with the (trial) Adobe XI Pro.  Same problem.

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            JH7725 Level 1

            FYI - new machine running Windows 7

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              Allta Media Adobe Community Professional

              Try tagging the text as a table in Acrobat Pro. using the Touch Up Reading Order panel tool in the Accessibility panel before saving the file  as Accessible Text.This helps Acrobat export the content as a table and not individual text rows.


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                JH7725 Level 1

                Admittedly  may not understand tagging, but having just tried it I dont think it is the answer.  let me describe the file I have (and I will want to convert many of these files each day, everyday).

                There is an overall header (few lines of text).

                Then there are 8-12 Sub haders (couple of lines of text)

                In each sub-header group there are 5-15 tables, each with a number and text label, all the same format though some may be empty (so just a blank line)


                On old Windows with Adobe 6, the conversion broke up the headers and sub-headers into a number of columnes but kept the number label in one cell, text label in another, then had the table in a logical and consistent manner. 


                I need this in order to have an EXCEL macro process this.


                I read somewhere that Adobe had some issue with newer Windows.


                Have tried a cople of other pdf converters.  One is very close but not quite.


                So, can Adobe do the above in Windows 7?  Is the online service able to do this conversion (or is that just Adobe Pro doing the standard conversion)?


                Appreciate any help.

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                  Allta Media Adobe Community Professional

                  Can you link to an example file?

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                    JH7725 Level 1

                    Unfortunately I cannot link an example (the files we are converting are only avialable via a subscription so can't put one out publicly).


                    BUT....the plot has thickened.  I bought an older machine with Windows XP Pro - new install of it with SP3.  I then installed Adobe Creative Suite version 6.0 (yes, that old).  My firend did exactly the same thing on his machine (because he had a hard drive crash).  Now the odd part.  When he converts the exact same pdf file that I do to text-accessible, his result is different (better).  The file we are converting has a number of columns.  Sometimes these columns have numbers in them sometimes just a dash.  His maintains the columns.  Mine won't.  And we know it is Adobe not EXCEL - I sent him my txt file and it bombed in his (older) EXCEL too.


                    This leads me to believe there is some sort of hardware setting issue.  Anyone know what this could be (or if there is a fix in Adobe)?  I've never heard fo something like this before.

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                      Allta Media Adobe Community Professional

                      Have you tried saving as Excel from Acrobat XI or just Text (Accessible)?

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                        JH7725 Level 1

                        99% sure I did try the XI EXCEL conversion but no dice.  That is what led me back to the old Adobe.  I heard that there was some "glitch" when Microsoft went past XP.  but looks like it may have been in XP too.

                        Seems like the issue has something to do with recognizing a tab as a tab.  This is soooooo frustrating!