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    Image with alpha blocks the "collision" for buttons.


      I have an image that is mostly alpha.


      Problem is that it blocks buttons from working.


      Is there any way to set a flag to an image so it is not part of the 'touch/mouse' collision funcitons?


      i can arrange it behind the buttons... but that brings other issues, because something needs to be

      behind the image with alpha... but over the buttons.

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          Zaxist Level 4

          your problem is not clean for me, can you explain more ? or send your project file ?



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            claursen Level 1

            Sure, Thanks for your help Zaxist!


            Boiling it down to the most simple, this is the prob.


            1. Layer: Symbol with gallery images (images are turned off inside the symbol.. so they should not block anything)
            2. Layer: Symbol (button A)


            With this layout... Button A doesn't work at all. The button is not detected when mouse is clicked.



            If i delete the top layer... Button A works.

            If I turn off the top layer from the stage. (top/left display option)... Button A works.


            Using an image, I wish it could be ignored by any mouse/touch events, so it doesn't block any layers beneath it.


            I've been playing with somehow turning off the display on the gallery symbol from another button. So far i've started to dig into css and found 









            but i dont know how to put that into a button's events like mouseclick or mousedown from another symbol.


            Does that explain things better?

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              Zaxist Level 4

              well it's clear but not enoght, i dont know exactly why do you want your button behind your images ? and when exactly do you want use your button ? (like when your mouse goes in specific position ?)

              i dont know if it helps or not but you can use z-index in your mouse over and mouse out to bring your button to the top and put it behind your images


              well mouse out should be on your button and mouse over should be on your frame not your button


              for mouse over use this :


              sym.$("your symbol name").css({"z-index":"100"})


              for mouse out use this :


              sym.$("your symbol name").css({"z-index":"0"})



              if it didnt helped you send your project zip file so i can help you better



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                claursen Level 1

                Thanks Zaxist!


                I think that might work!! Let me try it out. I'll get back to you.


                to answer why, it's a rather big project with many layers so if one layer is moved, it covers something else and vice versa.