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    InDesign CC EPUB export 'Improvements'

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      I am comparing InDesign CC EPUB export features vs. CS6 and previous versions. Not such a big deal, unfortunately, but there is something that called my attention. I don't know if this is happening to you as well:


      When I export my InDesign layout into an EPUB 2.0.1 file, everything is just basically the same as always. I expand it, open the HTML in Dreamweaver and work out the CSS styles.


      But, if exactly the same file, with exactly the same EPUB export options is saved as EPUB 3.0 file, and I try to do exactly the same, when I open some of the XHTML chapters of my book in Dreamweaver, I don't get the CSS stylesheet tab to access directly to the CSS styles. So I have to locate it and open it manually.


      I discovered that the only difference between the same HTML form my EPUB 2.0 and EPUB 3 is that the earlier has an extra XML line of code at the beginning as "<DOCTYPE=..."


      If I copy and paste that line in the EPUB 3 exported HTML, then is able to locate its own CSS and put it into the dependent files tab area properly.


      So, could this be considered as a bug? Or is it just an EPUB3 convention that must be followed? Because it is pretty unconfortable to work without those tabs!