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    Adobe needs to be more helpful


      Just bought Premier CC. I used Premier back in the days when it was on 3.5 inch floppies and decided to move on from FCP. I'm trying to use it on an i7 Sony laptop with cuda. Technically, it seems to be a good system with a horrible interface. Adobe seems to have released CC before their documentation was ready. Example -- the Adobe page recently added a note stating that Encore is not included with CC. Well, how do I get it? Is it even available anymore?


      The codec Problem!  WTF?

      Why is it so hard to get the correct codec? I have the latest version of QT pro but I still can't play .mov files. I installed Apple's prores plugin but can't play them either. There NEEDS to be much better integration between Premier and the tools we need to make it useful. When a codec cannot be found, it should tell you what you need and direct you to a site to get it!


      Its clear from the unituitive interfaces and logic of most Adobe products that Adobe does not have the quality people necessary to create software and support systems that are easy to learn and to use.


      We all are going to be paying them every month. We need to demand that they earn their money. We are paying them to make our jobs easier- not to frustrate us with issues unrelated to creating content.


      I have never been a fan of Apple, though I've been using FCP for many years, but FCP does work and its not frustrating. Adobe must improve its usability quickly! Many are considering leaving FCP becuase they are unhappy with FCPx and they want Premier to be good. We already use PS and AE and it makes logical sense to use an editor from the same family. Unfortunately, Premier ain't ready yet! I know several who have attempted the change but have given up becuase of the general stupidity of the interface, and the difficulty of getting it ready to use for serious work in a facility with multiple systems and editors.


      Get better Adobe or go away!