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    Removing paragraph returns at top of page

    sPretzel Level 1



      I sometimes use one or more paragraph returns (i.e. carriage return or line break) between paragraphs or objects (table, figure etc.) in a story. At times, with text reflowing, these paragraph returns find themselves at the top of the page. They are not desired at the top of the page and I would like them removed. I can do that manually, but as I type more into the story and the text reflows, the location of these paragraph returns changes and is no longer at the top of a page...they are again needed. In other words, if I remove them manually, I would have to look for them again as the text reflows, in case I need to reinsert them.

      Is there a way to automate this functionality in InDesign? Paragraph returns to be removed when they appear at top of page but to be kept when they appear elsewhere.


      This is for CS4. Thanks.