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    What database should i use for a flash application which i need to record score and name for a scoreboard.

    Venian Level 2
      Hi. I wrote down the summary of my project so that you can understand and answer me more easily:

      I have to build an application (a little flash game) in which I record the number of clicks. I want the player to choose a nick at the beginning and when he finishes one or all the four choices of target, i want the application to write his nick and final score in a database for displaying in a scoreboard (hall of fame). All the new entries should be sorted according to the score. If the same nick appears again, it's final score will be modified in the scoreboard only if is higher then the previous.

      I was thinking of creating a variable for the name that is chosen at the beginning and a variable for the score that is recorded. When the player finishes the game i want the application to write his data in the database, and then to display the scoreboard (let's say top 10 players in the database from the highest to the lowest score).

      I never did this before so i am asking what database shoud i use? I need a programmer to create one for me? Or can flash generate the database?

      Is the variable the good way or should I aproach the problem by other means? And if a programmer creates a database in MySql is that good or he should convert it to XML, or Flash generates the XML?

      Thank you.