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    Downloading one months premiere pro




      I'm a very very horribly amatuer wannabe film maker. I don't know or (right now) care much for presets, codecs and all those fine details that I will learn later on in my career. I do however know how to use the editing software effectively and know how to produce good piece of media so much so that I have made a few pieces of media already and have the support of funds. I brought 1 month of premiere pro a while back (Marchish) and it was so simple to purchase. I literally clicked on buy a month of Premiere pro for around £27 I think it was and voila, it was all ready to go and use.


      The second month was a shock due to the fact that I didn't know adobe were sneaky and said it was a reoccuring payment. I didn't mind as it was useful.


      Now though, I need to edit a promotional video and I can't figure out how to buy it... I only want one month of premiere pro! That's it!


      The entire page that I originally found the buy link and other information looks completley different and I always seem to end up back on Premiere Pro CC - I'm presuming the "name change" has not much effect on the software.


      So why can't/where can I purchase a month of Premier Pro?


      I have the receipts of the other payments, I have used the free trial already and have the program fully installed onto my computer. I have reviewed the subscriptions manager - which it says to do when trying to open the program. I guess the creative cloud was meant to be a good step forward in having all these apps ready to go but it's just confused the whole process for me. Why can't I just "buy" the Premiere Pro, why is the only option to download a trial? (which i can't do because It's already been used)


      Your website makes it extremley difficult for non organisations to have access to this software


      Many thanks for reading and apologies if I'm being stupid but this is pretty frustrating, Sammy