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    External Topics in RoboHelp HTML

      Let's say I have BOOK1 and BOOK2.
      BOOK1 has an external link out to BOOK2.

      When I'm viewing BOOK1 and click on the link to view BOOK2, then click on the "Index" button, why are the topics that show up from BOOK1? If I'm in BOOK2, shouldn't the index be listing the topics of that book that I'm viewing?

      Thanks very much for any help anyone can provide!
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          When linking to an external topic, the topic is just that - external. The help viewer window is still owned by the original .chm.

          But all is not lost - instead of linking to an external topic you can include your "external" .chms as part of your master .chm. I'm not the best person to help you do this (because I don't myself) but you need to merge your .chms. Look up how to "Merge CHM files" in your RoboHelp help, rather than linking to an external topic.

          Hope this helps,