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    Where is the proper location to store brushes or brush presets?

    dasikins Level 1

      Illustrator has a user section. Photoshop CS5 will display your custom brushes in the preset manager.


      I use a Mac OSX 10.8. When I download brushes and install them in the User/Application Support/PS/Presets/Brushes they will appear in the preset manager without having to 'load' brushes each time. Yet, when you make a new preset and save the .abr file you can not save them to the proper location since Lion has the library folder hidden by default.


      For instance, when downloading brushes, it's easier to combind multiple sets into one presets. I don't want 20 different smoke abr files. Yet, I can't save them to Application Support.


      No one has a clear understanding of how this works (at least not on the internet.) The best thread (from Adobe forums) I found from 2011 stated I should do the above steps, but then a few other users reported thats out of fashion.


      Any help would be appreciated! Thanks so much!