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    Continuous Rasterization & CC Page Turn Problems

    MrPorgeet Level 1

      Hi all,


      Here's the situation.

      I have a logo I would like to tear into pieces, I want to be able to zoom in and out in 3D space (or just scale for the same effect).


      Here's my set up.

      Source material is Logo.ai which is a CS6 RGB .ai Illustrator file


      Main Comp contains:

      - Logo Comp


      Logo Comp contains:

      - Peel Comp - has CC Page Turn effect applied

      - Masked sections of Logo.ai

      Peel Comp contains:

      - Layer 1 - Inverted mask of Logo.ai

      - Layer 2 - Logo.ai with alpha matte set to Layer 1

      All layers have throughout all the comps have 3D and Continuous Rasterization applied to maintain quality whilst zooming in and out


      Here's the problem

      The CC Page Turn effect doesn't work when either scaled, moved forward in Z space or zoomed into using the camera


      Here's my question

      Is there a way to get CC Page Turn to work with Continuous Rasterization?


      Many thanks