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    Help with export settings for AVCHD source footage


      I am in the process of switching to filming with an AVCHD Canon XA10. I am finding that the export times in premiere are much, much longer than I imagined they would be. Could somebody give me some ideas for reducing export time?


      I tried exporting a 3:40 long clip with these H.264 settings:


      NTSC 1920x1080 29.97 fps deinterlaced

      VBR 1 pass target 9.00 max 15.00

      PAR widescreen 16:9, profile: main, level 4.2, render at max depth selected, use maximum render quality selected.


      the estimated file size was 241mb, and it woudl take over 40 minutes !! I need to export about 90 minutes of video every day, so this won't work well.


      I moved to the "HDTV 720p 29.97 high quality" H.264 preset, and it dropped it to about 30 minutes, but still incredibly long.


      This is for youtube...as long as I can have 720p enabled (I don't really have to have 1080p), and it looks good, I don't need "top settings," but I desperately need to reduce the export time.


      Any suggestions I could try?