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    I have no video playback in Premiere


      Hi There,


      I'm without any video playback in Premiere and Speed Grade (Though have never used this program before). I am a creative cloud member and downloaded these programs and had no playback or image in any Adobe program, so update GPU drivers and by searching through the forums learned that I had to disable CUDA/Mercury Pl. After much agony I finally got Premiere to work and edited a piece. Though have come back about 2 weeks later and cant get any playback again??? Though turning the Mercury Playback engine to software only etc. doesn't seem to be working.


      I'm quite enjoying paying my membership fees without being able to use the programs and cant get any response from trying to chat with Adobe help.



      System Specs:


      Windows 8 (64 Bit)

      Nvidia Geoforce GTX 660M

      16GB of RAM

      Two SSD HD's

      I7-3740QM Processor


      Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.