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    During Adobe Flash 11 install, I received the error "cannot contact reliable source." Help?!


      While streaming videos on YouTube and Hulu, I noticed a signifant amount of lag and buffering.  In the past I've resolved this issues by updating my Flash player (even though I typically am on the newest version).  Today I tried to install a Adobe Flash 11 and I received the error, "Cannot contact reliable source" amongst a few other errors (I cannot recall what they said).  I went to the troubleshooting section, uninstalled my current Adobe Flash, and tried to download version 11.  I keep getting the aforementioned errror.  Now rather than a lag time and buffer issue, I cannot watch any videos at all since my Flash player was uninstalled and I cannot download the new version.  I'm currently on a relatively new iMac with OS X version 10.8.4.  I don't think there is problem with my actual computer.  Can anyone help?


      PS: I have an unhealthy affinity for catching up on terrible TV shows on Sundays so I'm saddened by my inability to watch Hulu Plus.