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    Enlarged Smart Objects with vectors inside them appear as resized bitmaps

    joerivera Level 1

      In Photoshop CC for Mac I have...


      • Created layers of vector art
      • Combined them into a smart object
      • Enlarged the smart object (both via "Transform" and "Image Size")


      Upon enlarging, the vector objects look the way an enlarged bitmap would (i.e. fuzzy, pixelated, terrible) instead of crisp and clean as a vector should look. I've double- and triple-checked to make sure all layers have remained vector after resizing and they have.


      This is a terrible inconvenience for anyone that works heavily with vector smart objects and resizes them. I use this workflow on a daily basis to make adapting interface elements for various screen resolutions easier, without it I am beyond screwed.


      If anyone knows a workaround (or if this requires a setting that I haven't found to be changed) please let me know.


      Screenshot proof below: