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    ScriptUI vs creating plugin interface using the C++ sdk's fr files

    Manan Joshi Level 4

      Hi All,


      I have recently started playing around with the ScriptUI and have found it to be a very fast way to stich together a userinterface in comparison to creating UI using the fr files of the C++ sdk.


      I was thinking of an approach wherein the UI could be created using the ScriptUI and if needed a C++ plugin could support it for some intensive computational tasks like parsing out large data files to gain the processing speed of C++. So i have the following concerns over this approach.


      1. How does creating UI using ScriptUI and fr compare against each other, in terms of is there anything that's not possible to acheive using scriptUI. The speed tradeoff's etc. Any other points that i may not be aware of.


      2. What are the cases that i need to take care of while using this approach of hybrid plugins where the UI is created using ScriptUI and other computational intensive things, or things not avaialable to the scripting interface are provided by a C++ plugin.


      3. How does working with ScriptUI compare to the Flex extensions created using ActionScript.


      4. Are there any good resources on how to manage a decent level UI created using ScriptUI, like to arrange the code into more manageable chunks as the structure of the JS code tends to get out of hand very easily for large projects.


      Hope i made my dilemma clear, i am basically a C++ person who is trying to walk his way into using Scripting as a major portion of my plugin, so i need assistance on how far this approach is possible. Is there something that's not possible to do using the combination of ScriptUI and C++ plugin. Hoping for some good points from the estemeed memebers of this forum.


      Thanks in advance.