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    SMTP Mail Message Server Validation

      When one goes into the Administrator and correctly verifies that the SMTP email server connects with admin:xxxxx@ on the LAN (xxxx being the password value for the ditomasos.com email server), then why can't I put that email server's internal IP address instead of ditomasos.com in our processorder.cfm to have ColdFusion over the LAN directly get the emal server to submit orders?

      There is a coding section at the end starting with <cfset messenger.email)to="admin@ditomasos.com,.......(followed by a list of valid ditomasos.com email receipients ) and found internally on the LAN by its ip number

      We want the email server on to be directly accessed on the LAN by ColdFusion (as alluded to in the Administrator section verifying the SMTP connection with IP), instead of being accessed by the external ditomasos.com pathway to send an email of the order submitted in the ColdFusion application to recipients on its own email system.

      The server on which the ColdFusion resides has a gateway/router pointed to another ISP than that of the email server, yet both can ping each other on the LAN (same subnet).

      Also, if just one of those listed email addresses is not available, then none of the orders are delivered to the ditomasos.com groupwise email mailboxes.

      Anyway - I would be quite grateful for any ideas or directions pointing toward resources or hints.