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    Reducing the size of the box after selection (and grouping)


      There is an element that I created. A circle (with text) and then, an arrow growing out from that circle and pointing to another spot. When I grouped the 3 elements together, the box containing these elements became much bigger than the individual boxes. Why is this and how do I prevent it?



      I just want to resize or reduce the size of the box.



      When I tried doing this, it reduced the size of the element within the box as well. I don't want to resize the element, just the box alone.

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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hi, content_love-


          When you group, the group automatically contains all of the contents within it and so expands its selection point to include all objects within the group.  So it'll be as wide as the left side of the leftmost object to the right side of the rightmost object, etc.  If you want a smaller selection point, I would suggest that you use a symbol and change the symbol's background size.


          Hope that helps!