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    In Design in Win 7


      I spent a day with the trial version of In Design in hopes of creating a decent eBook and thus far I'm finding it a none working peice of software in windows 7. It is not doing what it should do. Being connected to the cloud while using it has not provided any benefit. The help videos are not helpful to specific workflow problems. Subscribing to a Cloud to get it to work is not a feasible method of working it out. Is there a manual for the product? I'm finding it quite "undone". How long did it take me to find out I had to check preveiw in a certain window to even see my project? Text overflow and linking to another page is not working. I have to highlight, open the story editor, and see what the overflow is and copy, delete, paste to another page. Your tutorial on eBooks did not work in Windows. Please tell me your wonderful and Paint Shop Pro based program will work in a senseable manner?