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    Flash builder mobile app hangs on Realease Build after air 3.1 (3.2 - 3.8) for IOS devices


      The app stoped working after air 3.1 on IOS devices...Its is a Flex/actionscript mobile project...as of May 1st apple forced us to use newer sdk so i updated to air 3.8 and have tried every version since 3.1...the app only works perfectly in release build from air 3.1...on air 3.8 debug on device works perfectly non-debug run on device crashes with sigbus or sig 11 ...Ive used xcode console and device logs and they have not been helpful...since they reference post compiled native code which i dont have acces to i have tried every fix on the web. Ive been trying to figure this out for days..Does anyone have any insight on this issue.


      Curently Using:

      Flash Builder 4.7

      air 3.8 beta


      Compiler options:

      -locale en_US