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    Dreamweaver CC and Java SE 7


      Does Dreamweaver CC work with Java SE 7 on Mac?  (And will SE 7 work with Chrome?)


      Thanks, David Allen

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          BenPleysier Adobe Community Professional & MVP
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            david_allen_mac Level 1

            Thanks, Ben.  I appreciate.


            I had found, and perued in a bit of detail, that thread.  It _seems_ to say that Java SE 7 is fine with Dreamweaver CC.  But I am wondering if that is definitive.  (Also, whether indeed as asserted that Chrome is only 32 bit and therefore must have SE 6.  Would seem curious that Google did not do a 64 bit version.)


            All this of course also wants to know whether SE 6 and SE 7 can be installed concurrently on the Mac (with of course only one activated at a time).


            Again, thanks,  David

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              david_allen_mac Level 1

              Apple says that Java SE 7 is a safer choice, also that SE 6 and SE 7 should not be on the machine at the same time.  And of course some sites will be looking for SE 7.


              However, with SE 7 installed, Dreamweaver CC still will not launch ...  come on Adobe, get this right for goodness sake.


              So, I uninstalled Java SE 7.  Then downloaded the latest SE 6, from Apple ( http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1572 ).  With SE 6 installed, now DW CC launches.


              What a mess.


              Adobe says that, now, if SE 6 is uninstalled, and SE 7 re-installed, DW CC will still happily continue to launch.


              Truly, what a mess.  Have not tried that.  And have some tredpidation to do so, considering how much time wasted on this, already.


              Come on Adobe, get this together.  Let us use the latest version of Java.  Withouth spending the better part of the day, soriting through silliness ...


              David Allen