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    to find min stroke weight and font size


      For printing purpose, we need to tell the min stroke weight and min font size (outlined fonts) to the printer in order to make sure that the artwork is fulfilled the printing requirement. Is it any Ai scripting that can help us to find them in the artwork?

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          Gustavo Del Vechio Level 3





          Do not know about VB Script or Apple Script. But, in JavaScript, we have methods to know the stroke weight of some objects. The problem, at true, is: there are contents (like Envelopes, Blends, Symbols) we are not able to acess the internal objects, so we could not evaluate the stroke weight of these.


          So, a JavaScript that that reads stroke widths would limit to single groups, isolated paths, compound paths and so on. So, in various artworks (depending on what artist used to create the artwork), it would fall to completelly analyze the objects.


          The same for mininum font size. If the text is isolated or inside single groups, then perfect. But if it´s inside symbols, for example, you would not reach via script.


          Please tell me if I was able to explain it better



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            pixxxel schubser MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Furthermore, with scripting you can not reach a stroke that was created as an additional stroke with the appearance palette.


            @ TO,

            what do you mean with "outlined fonts"?  Was the font is converted to paths? Then you have no way to read a minimum font size.


            Otherwise yes, there is the possibility of read out the property: size of a character or a textRange (if the font is really a font and not a path).

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              MichaelN Level 3

              Hi cy_auyeung,


              If you can save the Illustrator artwork as a PDF, Acrobat Professional has some pretty extensive Preflight profiles that check for stroke widths and font sizes, as well as many other things.


              You can also create your own preflight profiles to check for things that are specific to your needs.