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        Jim_Simon Level 8

        If I buy something in America I should get service in America!


        Couldn't agree more.  Adobe should have a support staff here whose first language is English.


        Fortunately, these forums are filled with people who really know the program, and most of us speak English pretty well (even if it isn't the first language for all of us).


        So...what's the problem?  Maybe we can help.

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          Alan Craven Level 4

          Speaking as a non-USA customer, I think that I would prefer my support from America.  Even if we are "two nations divided by a common language!


          Even though I spent twenty years teaching in an inner-city school with plenty of children whose background was in the sub-continent, I still find their accented English impossible to follow over the 'phone.  If each support person were sitting  in a sound-proof booth, that would help matters.


          What would help even more would be support personnel who know what they are talking about.


          It is not the job of we users to provide Adobe support - rather we should provide support for the professional support!

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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            As Jim said... describe your problem and the people here will try to help - Information FAQ http://forums.adobe.com/message/4200840


            The tutorial list in message #3 http://forums.adobe.com/message/2276578 may help

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              boulder co usa Level 1

              I try to go to the forum and ask a question and adobe say that I'm not allowed to!

              That is why I feel very bad with adobe! I try to call and the number is missing a number! I also try to email but never get back! I went to post this and then that way someone get back I know how to get your attention!


              Ok ok ok


              Please help me with my problem.


              I finish my editing add some photos to de project then try to burn I did then when it comes to play it on the DVD player just don't take it


              I'm so sorry if you have to take this complaint but we all know this is true! Adobe have very bad costumer service and I know you are trying to change this thanks!



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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                You are there right now. This IS the PrPro Forum, and, as they say in the PBS telethons, "operators are standing by."


                Take a look at the link that John T. provided. Then, in Reply to my message, or to any others, including your initial one, list the info requested in that article, and state your problem.


                Someone here will probably be able to help you sort things out - no telephone calls, no e-mails (other than any notifications that you might have set), and no Live Chat. While Live Chat might seem quicker, the folk here, in the PrPro Forum, will likely give you the answer, before Live Chat could introduce themselves.


                Give it a try, but do read that linked article first, as that will save everyone a lot of time.


                Good luck,