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    Upgrading Lightroom 4 Mac App Store to Lightroom 5


      I originally purchased LR4 from the Mac App store and run that software on two laptops.  I need to upgrade both laptops.  I need to know how the upgrade works.  The only information I can find is from this URL http://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/kb/upgrade-mac-app-version-lightroom.html.


      When apps are purchased from the Mac App Store, you can legally run that app on any computers you own.  I have the following questions about the upgrade.


      1. Will I be able to purchase one upgrade to apply it to both laptops?
      2. Will I be able to upgrade both laptops by purchasing two upgrades?
      3. Will the Lightroom 5 upgrade be available from the Mac App Store?
      4. Can I export photos from LR 5 to import into LR 4?


      I am considering removing LR 5 and moving back to LR 4.  I know I will have to import any photos since I started the trial into LR 4 and start over with those. 


      I have 5 days left on the LR 5 trial so I need to make a decision soon.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.