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    Grey screen w/ Captivate 6 Course

    heisrmann Level 1

      We recently publish content (Captivate project published at 40 mb) promoted as a Course. The behavior that I notice in "Course" mode is that a blank grey screen appears before there is any indication of a preloader. For some users, it is taking about 4-5 minutes just to see the beginning. I understand the purpose of the initial screen is that it is determining whether the learner had previously visited, and if so, Adobe Connect, will redirect the user to the specifc slide they left off. In any case, this long delay of a blank screen is happening for many first time users.


      In my reading of the forums, this sounds similar to what users describe using the Moodle client.



      But the thing is, we are not using Moodle, We are just communicating via the API native to Adobe Connect through our web interface.


      The common variable is Captivate 6, so I am suggesting that there may be a bug within Captivate that is causing this issue.


      Any help?

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          What is your pre-loading percentage set to? Captivate defaults to 100%, meaning the entire Captivate project must be pre-loaded prior to it playing, which can take minutes if the presentation is large enough. I'd recomend changing that setting to 15-30% and seeing if that changes the load time you are seeing.


          This can be done by going into the following Menu: Edit > Preferences (Shift + F8) > Project > Start and End. You will see a preloader % option with a number value that you can modify down from 100.

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            I'm also having the same issue with Captivate 6 - and have tried what you suggested (moving preloader percentage down to 5%). Still not loading My training course is 48 slides of text with minimal pictures, no animation, no video, etc. I can't understand why it takes so long to load! Anyone know if Adobe offers help with this kind of issue?