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    PPro CS6 & CC > Stuck on loading project


      Hi everybody,


      recently I've been working on a multicam/candidcamera project.

      Last friday we've shown our offline edit. So far so good, but when I want to start the project today, it gets stuck on loading (around 15%).

      Nor the base project, nor the auto-save files.


      NOTE: project files are 1Gb ..


      Tried (same problem occurs):

      - to open it on a different system

      - open a new project > import file

      - Activity monitor "pproheadless" get very high (250% cpu) and then stops. PPro 100%.

      - Downloaded Premiere Pro CC trail, not importing either



      This is a crucial project, wich I can't remake in a day or 2. At the end of the week it needs to be online..


      I remember PPro crashed on a safe or dynamic link process last week.. But this should'nt have made any effect on the auto-save files..?


      Kind regards,