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    I wish I could read the ebooks I bought on chapitre.com


      Hi there!


      I'm getting nervous, as I'm unsuccessfully trying to open 2 books I purchased on chapitre.com. I downloaded them first on my Android device (Asus Tf300t, Android 4.2). Couldn't open them, so I installed chapitre from Google play. I was told they were downloaded by another user.


      Can't tell you all the ways I tried to open them, including the Sony e-reader application. No way.


      What is the best way to work around this in a ready-to-pay-user-customer-friendly manner? Hope it's not avoiding this site and any other using Adobe ID, plus Photoshop CC, which I am considering as a new owner of a Nikon D600!


      Thanks for your help. Please hurry.



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          sjpt Level 4

          The books will probably be associated with whatever Adobe ID you have registered on the Android where you first bought them.

          Double check what that is, and make sure your ADE and Sony Reader are registered with the same Adobe ID.


          Some sellers use the Adobe DRM mechanism but with their own ID rather than using the Adobe ID.

          In this case, I believe you can make ADE2.0 operate with multiple different ID's from different vendors,

          but I am afraid I don't know the details of how to make this work.



          Adobe's ADEPT DRM mechanism and implementation does not understand the concept of user-customer-friendly manner

          It must be one of the most user-hostile systems around, even though it is meant to work in for computer illiterate users.

          Good luck.