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    Multitrack errors


      Hi there,

      I am having trouble when I try to load a new multitrack session in adobe audition cs6. It is choppy, freezing up and crashing when I try to load a new multitrack session. Audition was working ok just a couple days ago. The WAV's have fine white grid lines that are so numerous- the wavform is not visible behind them.  


      I have tried a system restore to a week ago when audition was working.  I have tried re-installing audition completely. I have tried exporting the WAV's in different BIT rates (24,32 float) and opening the multitrack session in the corresponding bit rate.


      My older SESX files (from 1 week ago and older) are working ok, the projects load with no problems. Just when I try to start a new mulittrack session.


      I an not sure what has happened. any help would be so much appreciated- I am quite stuck here.




      white lines in adobe audition cs6 2.PNG

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          darkselecta Level 1

          Ok, I figured it out. I downloaded a free VST from KVR about a week ago and installed it in FL studio 11. The 64 bit version was crashing, and causing the rendered wav's to be corrupt. I re-installed just the 32 bit version and tried exporting again and it works in Adobe audition.


          thanks anyway!