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    How do I create a series of text frames from a list of files?

    Jon.Nelson Level 1

      And I'm back again.


      This time, I'm wondering how I can use JavaScript to place a series of text frames from a list of files, preferably with the ability to specify criteria before running the script.


      Here's the details: I work for a newspaper and I lay out stories for the pages (in addition to the other part of my job, laying out ad spaces, as detailed in a previous thread, for which I requested another script, thanks Andreas and Jongware ). The file names for the stories are labeled for the section they go in, like L- for Life, C- for Comment, S- for Sports, etc.


      I'd like to create a script that asks for a criteria in a text box (where I can type L-, C-, S- or whatever else I need) and then places all of the stories, in a specified directory, whose file names match what was typed in the box, one text frame for each.


      I can't rightly tell if this is a simpler or more difficult script to write out, but I plan on putting research into it as usual so I can develop it myself. However, I figured it would be more efficient to ask first, then research, so that while I'm researching, I can refer to the opinions of my fellow forumites, and/or the mods.


      Thanks again for any assistance offered.