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    How to import a page of HTML into Fireworks?


      Since email marketing has become so large and a great "free" way to stay in touch with customers, I am trying to quickly design new templates for my business clients.


      Currently I am using an email company that has predesigned templates as well as ways to create your own. I am are able to edit within their "graphics editor" (as I like to call it), or through HTML. (Let me highlight that I am a very visual person and HTML is speaking another language to me.)

      What I would REALLY love to do is pull all the HTML of one of the custom templates I have created, import it into Fireworks, change the design at my simple easy that Adobe has brought me to love, and then export the HTML so I can just copy and paste it into my email marketing program and send it off.

      (my current work around, "sketch" in InDesign, then recreate in the email program)

      I have seen only a few "Help" discussions on this, and they all obtain to just a section of an existing HTML page/or button. Am I asking too much of Fireworks?


      All answers/suggestions are greatly appreciated!