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    DNxHD Export Issues




      I need to export an intermediate in PP CS6 and when using the supposedly best lossless codec DNxHD I get the following issues:


      1. The DNxHD dialog box´s scroll down menu cuts the end of the info line for every setting. Is there a solution for this?

      2. My project is 23,976 1920 x 1080p 16:9. What is the best lossless setting for the DNxHD?

      3. The rendered footage has a smaler frame, meaning I get black bars all around it. How to fix this?

      4. Considering these are too many issues to fix and there might not be a total fix for them, what would be the next best lossless intermediate for Windows 7?


      Thanks a lot!



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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          DNxHD is actually not lossless.


          UT is a free codec that is lossless.  It shows up as an AVI option for PCs and a QuickTime option for Macs.  And it plays nice with Adobe software.



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            Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

            1. Scroll bar in the DNxHD drop down list of presets works fine for me.

            2. See this thread for some details about exporting to QuirkTime DNxHD from Adobe Suite.

            3. DNxHD is literally for 720 and 1080 only. However, if your sequence is 1920 x 1080, you should be fine. Please, explain a bit better at which point you got black bars and what your export settings were. A screenshot may help.

            4. That depends. What are you planning to do with that intermediate? Do you have some disk space limitation?

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              W.D.E. Level 1

              Awesome. Have installed the UT codec, now what are the best lossless settings for 23,976 1080p 16:9?


              These are the options I get:


              UT Codecs.jpg


              By the way: would the AVI Uncompressed be lossless too?


              Regarding my original questions:


              1. No solution yet.

              2. Solution indicated above.

              3. Solved. I was using the wrong settings.

              4. Still working on the UT solution, so here´s more info: the project is too heavy at this point to render, the machine runs out of memory near the end, so I figured I would render 4 sections (the intermediates) and reimport them in a clean project, now free from all the effects and files for all the shots, to render the final complete movie. I have no disk space limitation.



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                Alan Craven Level 4

                BT.601 and BT.709 are the colour spaces for HD and SD video.  See here:


                http://www.glennchan.info/articles/technical/hd-versus-sd-color-space/hd-versus-sd-color-s pace.htm

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                  W.D.E. Level 1

                  Hey Alan,


                  The article got me extremely confused, first because of its broken english, then because it seems to be talking about conversion from HD to SD, which is not the case.


                  I just want to rendered HD to HD, lossless. Should I go with BT.601 (meaning BT.709 is for SD)?



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                    Alan Craven Level 4

                    If your source is HD, then it it is BT.601.  If you want a lossless intermediate that is HD, then you will stay in BT.601.


                    If you are exporting to SD, then strictly it is BT.709, and you should convert, and select BT.709.  This was possible in Procoder 3.


                    As far as Iam aware AME does not offer this conversion out of the box.  I hope that I have got that right, or one of the usual Adobe experts will come around and do their typical dismissive hatchet job here.

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                      Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

                      ITU-R BT.601 is a standard for SD digital video, while ITU-R BT.709 - for HD.

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                        Alan Craven Level 4

                        Whoops - yes of course - I confused myself by typing while reading from the last line of the post I was responding to!

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                          Jim_Simon Level 8

                          I just want to rendered HD to HD, lossless.


                          Choose the ULH2 option.

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                            W.D.E. Level 1

                            Awesome, Jim.


                            Would you guys have any thoughts about the other settings (considering what is of the utmost importance is keeping the original footage lossless quality):


                            1. "Render at Maximum Depth": I always check it. Shouldn´t I? Why?

                            2. "Optmize Stills": I have stills in the project so I check it. Would it be advised not to? Why?

                            3. "Use Maximum Render Quality": I always check it. Shouldn´t I?

                            4. "Use Frame Blending": I never check it. Should I?

                            5. "Optimize for compression ratio" X "Optimize for decoding speed" (in the "Codec Settings" box): I´m clueless about this one. Tips?


                            Also a very important question: what is the difference between the "BT.709 (ULH2)" and the "AVI (Uncompressed)"? I have used the later for previous supposedly lossless renders before finding out about the UT codec.


                            Thanks so much.

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                              Jim_Simon Level 8

                              1.  https://blogs.adobe.com/VideoRoad/2010/06/understanding_color_processing.html


                              2.  There have been problems in the past.  I leave it off.


                              3.  If you're using GPU acceleration, I'd turn it off.


                              4.  Won't affect anything unless you have frame rate changes, like slow motion.  (In which case, you might want to use it.)


                              5. Choose decoding speed.



                              what is the difference between the "BT.709 (ULH2)" and the "AVI (Uncompressed)"?


                              Size, with AVI being much larger.

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                                Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

                                See also this The Video Road blogpost on Color Subsampling. That should give an understanding of the UT Video presets names (by the way, RGB (ULRG) stands for 4:4:4 and RGBA (ULRA) - for 4:4:4:4 colour subsampling).

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                                  W.D.E. Level 1

                                  Thanks so much Jim and Fuzzy,


                                  So here´s a follow up for the first 3 questions:


                                  1. "Render at Maximum Depth": I read the article, so I presume that checking it won´t cause any damage, only take advantage of the higher color range in case it has been used in the sequence (meaning that if it hasn´t been used it won´t hurt either). Correct?

                                  2. "Optimize Stills": are the past issues clearly visible in the final export or I might find out about them when I see it in the big screen? I ask because I might have used it in the past to render sequences for further editing in After Effects.

                                  3. "Use Maximum Render Quality": turn it off because of conflicts/issues or because it won´t do anything?


                                  I´m beginning to feel I´d better stop asking so much from you guys. It´s really helpful, though, and I guess it might be of great use for people reading the thread in the future, too.


                                  Thanks a lot again!

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                                    Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

                                    1. Checking 'Maximum Bit Depth' in sequence settings more or less similar to setting AE project to 32 bit (checking the flag in the Export Settings allows to export in higher bit depth if chosen codec supports that). If you edit high bit depth media, including your intermediates rendered with 4:2:2 colour subsampling, you should enable 'Maximum Bit Depth' so as not to clamp the quality to 8 bit. Enabling the flag will slightly decrease your performance - that is the trade off.


                                    2. 'Optimize Stills' is intended for rendering less frames out of stills. See this help section. Run your own test and decide whether it's worth enabling.


                                    3. See this discussion on 'Maximum Render Quality'. Also run your own tests (that is general advice if you want to know instead of just relying on someone's opinion).