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    Sequences for a large wedding movie

    bleasy1 Level 1

      Hey guys, new to prem pro cs6 and could anyone enlighten me to the best workflow for a wedding movie 45 minutes long. At present i start with the prep make my story go onto the arrivals and then into the ceremony and speeches ect ect. I have just got plural eyes to make my workflow easier. So i was going to make one sequence for the prep arrivals music transitions colour grade then save that sequence. Then the ceremony entrance up to the vows another sequence and work on it colour transitions ect and  send to plural eyes with the zoom h1, import back then save. Then sequence three for the vows and exit using a voice recorder audio , Sequence fou,r for the mingling leading into reception. Then sequence five for the speeches and voice recorders and so on. Would this be evreyones workflow? steve

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          [r]Evolution Level 1

          My workflow would be to lay out all my Video and Audio in 1 Timeline/Sequence... making sure that each camera is on a seperate Track and the Zoom Audio is on its own track. I would then run Pluraleyes to sync it all. From there I would make cuts, Copy/Paste whatever sections I wanted into their own Timeline/Sequence and proceed with my multicam edit.


          I hope you find this helpful.

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            Steven L. Gotz Level 5

            Personally, I prefer to work on sequences like you suggested, however, I keep them in separate projects. Part of that is just paranoia, but part is just keeping the size of the project manageable.


            When I am ready, I would import the one "final" sequence from each project and put them all together on one timeline.

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              Biggles Lamb Level 3

              Your way is how I have edited Wedding Videos for quite a while.


              It also allows for more flexibility when creating a Bluray/DVD in that the more sequences you have the more options.  Short versions, vows only, image montage of the couple when young, the couple miming to their favourite music track, speeches, fun stuff, arty dreamy sequence heavily graded etc.


              Options, it gives you options



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                [r]Evolution Level 1

                I prefer my Premiere project to mimic my Recording day.


                1 Wedding Day = 1 Premiere Project

                Multiple Wedding Parts = Multiple Project Sequences

                Various Sequences & Markers = Various Encore & Disc Chapters


                I've done live-event videography for most of my career and this proves to be the workflow that works best (for me) every time. When I do a live-switch and sometimes have to go in and correct a section or edit; It's just 'Logical' & easier to manage if everything is chronological... the way it happened during the day.