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    Photoshop CS6/CC performance with Quadro 1000M/2000M vs. Radeon HD 7970M/8970M


      I am trying to find any benchmarks on how these two GPUs compare for Photoshop work. Does anybody have any pointers to information or even subjective thoughts?


      I am led to believe from my research that a number of the filters in CS5 are using OpenCL. For OpenCL the Radeon 7970M is far superior to the Quadros. However, I am not able to find information on the overall performance of the Quadros vs. the Radeons for Photoshop.


      The work with Photoshop will be for static images - creation of images rather than manipulation of source.


      I am looking to get a Thinkpad W530, but it only comes with the Quadro GPUs. If I do get it, will I be getting a slow machine for Photoshop 2D work, assuming that the Quadro's are really targeted at 3D CAD work?